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Silver Rope Chain                                                  

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1.5mm DC Rope Chain
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2.5mm DC Rope Chain
3.0mm DC Rope Chain
3.5mm DC Rope Chain
4.0mm DC Rope Chain

Loose Rope Chain

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Sterling silver rope chain is one of the most popular sellers of wholesale sterling silver chain.  Our wholesale sterling silver rope chain comes from Italy and is .925 sterling silver.  Silver rope chains have a classic, simple look and feel and are made of twisted silver strands.  The silver rope chain is one of the more durable silver chains and holds up extremely well.  Our silver rope chain is available in small gauges (1.5mm - 035 Rope) up to much larger gauges (4.0mm - 100 Rope).  Silver rope chain is available in bracelet and necklace lengths of  7", 8", 16", 18", 20", 22", 24", and 30".  Silver rope chain is popular in part because of its versatility.  The smaller chains look sparkling and romantic and can be worn by themselves or with a pendant while the larger silver rope chains look great by themselves on men or women.  The silver rope chain has lots of strength and won't kink or bend like snake chains.  Sterling silver rope chains don't tangle like smaller cable, curb and pendant chains.


We also carry a a full line of wholesale sterling silver jewelry including snake chain, earrings, bracelets, anklets and toe rings.  Just click on the Silver Jewelry link at the top.  We also carry a full line of wholesale sterling silver charms and beading supplies.  When you order from any of our sites, all of your purchases go in one shopping basket and are shipped together with one shipping charge.  This makes it easy for you to purchase a large array of silver jewelry and beading supplies and only have one shipping cost.